Ruderalis Indica weed

Ruderalis Indica is lower in THC than most hybrids, with a comparatively high proportion of CBD.

This means she is an ideal strain for medicinal cannabis users.

Ruderalis Indica

Ruderalis Indica strain


This is a strong and vigorous outdoor cannabis variety that can handle harsh climate conditions, but definitely prefers a cold climate to humidity because of its heavy, dense Indica bud formation. A low odor cannabis variety with "Christmas tree" type growth patterns and long lasting Indica effects of a warm relaxing physical sensation. Early to flower and very compact, this original land race was taken from an area between Hungary and the former Soviet Union where, unlike other types of traditional cannabis, the Ruderalis-type Cannabis strains flower related to age rather than photoperiod.

Genetics Ruderalis / Indica
Sex Regular
Height 40-50 cm
THC Content Unknown
Grows Grows outdoors
Flowering Time 56 days
Harvest Month September