K2 weed

K2 is a good option for growing indoors in relatively small spaces due to its heavy, tight buds and compact structure.


K2 strain

 INDICA  THC: 8-15% 

K2 is easy to grow even with limited space because of its medium height and therefore very suitable to grow indoors.
Even its White strain brothers and sisters don't cultivate as well as this K2 does.
Mostly Indica makes it a firm bushy plant and with some luck you'll have big crystal covered buds growing.
In its growing phase it won't spread an odor, only if buds appear the spicy skunk-like smell is notable.
It gives an all round body buzz with a touch of high.
A breed from the Hindukush family crossed with White Widow, K2 cannabis seeds can grow into the most beautiful outdoor plants. This cross breed has helped K2 retain the growth patterns of Hindukush, while having increased THC content due to presence of White Widow.

Genetics Indica dominant
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Regular
THC Content 8-15%
Yield 450 g/m²
Grows Grows indoors
Flowering Time 50-55 days
Height 100-150 cm

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