Citral weed

These seeds grow better when cultivated indoors and can start flowering in approximately 8 weeks the most.

This plant can grow very tall, while its Citral produce can grow up to 425 grams when cultivated indoors.


Citral strain


Citral indoor strain is a cross between a Pakistani variety and Super Skunk; it originates from the mountaineous areas of the Asian territory of Hindu Kush. It is named so because it is very commonly available in the Chitral district village.
Mainly used for indoor cultivation, it develops hard buds that have sweet herbal taste and extremely sensitive smell. Citral has a harsh, yet great high. It is very easy to cultivate this seed and hence it's the popular choice of most novice growers and new breeders. It leaves a sweet lemony flavor, which makes pot smokers go gaga over this weed seed.

Genetics From the mountains of Hindu Kush
Variety Indica / Sativa
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Regular or Feminised
THC Content 15-20%
Grows Grows indoors, grows outdoors
Flowering Time 63-70 days