California Orange Bud

The plants are short and only attain medium height. Cultivators harvest it during the months of September and October. You can expect a yield of 500 gms/ sq.m.

The California Orange Bud is an easy and trouble-free type of cannabis, ideal for beginners and experts as well.

California orange bud

California orange bud strain


California Orange Bud is an excellent choice of seeds if you like the characteristic orange smell and delicious fruity/earthy taste.
A very strong plant that can handle a variety of conditions which makes it an easy plant for cultivating and suitable for experienced and less experienced growers
A plant with good knowledge and care turns into a heavy yielded plant with nice buds of good quality.
The buds are covered with crystals and long orange hairs and if you smelled it, you tasted it!
If you are a fan of extra sweet cannabis then California Orange Bud is the right seed for you. The orange smell and sweet flavor has won the heart of millions around the globe. It is like if you smell it, then you almost taste it. The strain hails from the state of California and back in 1980s it was introduced in Holland. Designed perfectly for indoor growing, California Orange Bud is a true performer in terms of flavor and the body effect it offers.

Genetics California seed X "indoor" varieties
Variety Mostly Indica
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Regular or Feminised
THC Content 8-15%
Yield 400 g/m²
Flowering Time 50-55 days