Allkush (=Sheherazade)

Allkush strain

 80%INDICA - SATIVA20%  THC: 16-20% 

Allkush reveals its Kush heritage in compact appearance and stouth growth characteristics, but the one-quarter Sativa shines through in the quality of the smoking experience. The overall sensation is a deep body relaxing effect but also registers on a cerebral level. This effect starts in the lungs and sexual organs then rises throughout the other parts of the body repidly until you feel completely at ease and cannot longer suppress a big grin on your face! She develops a large resinous top floral cluster and is perfect for a sea of green set-up.

Genetics Afghani Kush / Sativa
Grows Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Flowering Time 56 days
Yield Indoor: 450 gr ; Outdoor: 600 gr
Awards 2nd Place Bio Cup (High Life HF) 2005